My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Rusell

Synopsis Exploring the psychological dynamics of the relationship between a precocious yet naïve teenage girl and her magnetic and manipulative teacher, a brilliant, all-consuming read that marks the explosive debut of an extraordinary new writer. 2000. Bright, ambitious, and yearning for adulthood, fifteen-year-old Vanessa Wye becomes entangled in an affair with Jacob Strane, her magnetic … Continue reading My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Rusell

Mini Reviews: Romance 2019 releases

The Bride Test (The Kiss Quotient #2) by Helen Hoang Synopsis Khai Diep has no feelings. Well, he feels irritation when people move his things or contentment when ledgers balance down to the penny, but not big, important emotions — like grief. And love. He thinks he's defective. His family knows better— that his autism … Continue reading Mini Reviews: Romance 2019 releases