About me

Hi! I’m Leyre.

No, not later, nor Laia, nor Laura, nor Lauren. Just Leyre, LE-Y-RE.  You know what? You can call me L. That’s close enough.

I’m a spanish occupational therapist working in the mental health field and a full time bookworm. I spend my free time reading, reading about books, watching videos about books and buying books. A very exciting life in my opinion.

I’m a proud slytherin who didn’t know what goodreads, booktube or book blogs were up until December of 2016. I have no idea what I was doing with my time, I guess that’s the reason my grades were so much better then.

I’m still catching up on books from 20 years ago but enjoying every second of it. I love rereads and romance is my life. You’ll find all things bookish in here in English and some reviews/ recommendations/ discussions in Spanish, since I do read some Spanish books that are not (yet) translated into English but are worth mentioning as well.

Hopefully you’ll find me interesting enough to come back sometime.

Just a bookworm loving life.