About me

Hi! I’m Leyre.

No, not later, nor Laia, nor Laura, nor Lauren. Just Leyre, LE-Y-RE.  You know what? You can call me L. That’s close enough.

I’m part time a college student majoring in Occupational Therapy, part time an english teacher for little kids and full time bookworm. I spend my free time reading, reading about books, watching videos about books and buying books. A very exciting life in my opinion.

I’m a proud slytherin who didn’t know what goodreads, booktube or book blogs were up until December of 2016. I have no idea what I was doing with my time, I guess that’s the reason my grades were so much better then.

I’m still catching up on books from 20 years ago but enjoying every second of it. I love rereads and fantasy is my life. You’ll find all things bookish in here in English and some reviews/ recommendations/ discussions in Spanish, since I do read some Spanish books that are not (yet) translated into English but are worth mentioning as well.

Hopefully you’ll find me interesting enough to come back sometime.

All of my reviews are spoiler free. 

Just a bookworm loving life.