Favorite April Posts

Hi everyone!

Today I’m bringing a new series I want to start posting on my blog, in which I collect some of the posts that stood out to me while blog-hopping during the month of April.

Note that these aren’t all of the posts that I loved reading this month, they are just some of them. I’m going to try to do this monthly so that I can share more people and more posts!

I hope you guys end up checking them out and finding some new books to read and new wonderful people to follow!



Hidden Gem Recommendations by Jillian the bookish butterfly shared some books that I had never heard of in my life! It was such a breath of fresh air to come across books that went under the radar but have a lot of potential.

Heartwarming, sweet and uplifting books to read in times of stress by Reading Through Infinity was a perfect-timing post in my opinion. With the world as it is right now, I find myself gravitating more towards uplifting cute books, and this provided some perfect ideas.

12 cosy and heartwarming YA contemporary books to read this spring by Drizzle & Hurricane Books added, yet again, to my feeling of only wanting to read cute fluffy stories. This blog is absolutely amazing and has some of the best graphics I’ve seen, so I recommend checking it out either way, but this post was especially amazing.

9 Books with Bisexual Female Characters by Bookish Wanders made me sob with the quality of the books on that list, and the way she managed to describe each one. Some of the books on that list I had heard of, others I had no idea they included this rep. Also, I would like to recommend her recommendations in general, because they are superb.

Kay at Hammock of Books talked about Her Favorite Books About Musicians and that made me realize that I haven’t read that many books about music, and it’s something I want to rectify. And I will, now that I have this amazing list of books to choose from.

May told us all about 20 Books by Authors of Color to Read in case anyone was looking for some diversity on their reading habits. She also divided the recommendations on what you might be looking for in a story: hard-hitting, morally grey characters, beautiful writing… so there’s something for everyone.

Caitlin made this amazing list of f-f books In which, not only does she recommend books she has read, but also books on her tbr and new releases!


A Heart so Fierce and Broken is a book I read recently and absolutely adored, and I coudn’t help but agree with Kat’s thoughts on it in her review! Let’s also talk about the fact that her blog is one of the most gorgeous I’ve seen in my life.

Robyn‘s review of the book Kingdom Needle and Bone by Mira Grant was also one of my personal favorites. Mira Grant is Seanan McGuire and not only does she have an impressive backlist, but her books are always very original with dark undertones. This one came out not too long ago but I hadn’t seen that many reviews on it. Robyn’s review came at the perfect time!

Lastly, Kathy‘s review for The Opposite of Falling Appart made by me want to purchase the book the instant I finished reading her thoughts. You can really tell how much she loved the story and her enthusiasm for it is contagious. You’ll want to read it as soon as possible.


Two book thieves created a brand new, original TAG: the Animal Crossing New Horizons Book TAG, and I couldn’t help but love it because of how creative it is and how much fun it was to read their answers. It came at the perfect time!

Also, I might be doing my take on it since I’m obsessed with the game and this TAG is too perfect.


Also by them, came their latest 2020 LGBTQ+ RELEASES. I always adore these posts as I use them for adding new books to my ever ending TBR.

Did you guys know about all of these wonderful people? Do you like this types of posts? Let me know!

Until next time, stay safe



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