Top 5 Fall Recommendations

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekely post created and hosted by the lovely Shannah at Bionic Book Worm. She’s an absolute sweetheart and her blog is amazing so make sure to check out her blog if you haven’t yet!

This week’s topic is Top 5 Fall recommendations!

harry potter fourHarry Potter by J.K. Rowling

I know this is the most basic answer ever, I know. But I’m currently doing a reread of the series, I’m on book six, and I can’t help but feel like this is the ultimate series for fall. I chose the image of the fourth installment since it’s my personal favorite.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of recommending this series.

city of ghostsCity of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake #1) by Victoria Schwab

This is another middle grade, I guess that screams fall to me for some reson? Now what all of the books in the list have in common is a strong atmosphere, that’s what makes a book feel cozy and fallish to me. In here, the story unfolds in Scotland, which is the perfect setting for a paranormal, ghost story featuring an incredible cast of characters. The second book of the series, Tunnel of Bones has come out earlier this month, perfect timing!

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman the ocean at the end of the lane

Here we have a case in which, not only does this book scream fall to me, but the author himself does. Granted, this is the only story I’ve actually read by him yet, but the plots from the rest of his books sound just as perfect for this time of the year.

This magical-realism story has one of the most atmospheric settings I can think of, the characters stole my breath away and the plot had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Witches, oceans, worms, kids… Read this amazing little book.

verityVerity by Colleen Hoover

If what you’r looking for is a good thriller to cozy up with along with a cup of coffee, look no further.

This story is the perfect balance between creepy, thrilling and romantic. I couldn’t stop reading this book. The old house, the creepy wife, the death of the children… doesn’t that sound perfect for this time of the year?

Clockwork_Angel_1Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare

Once again, the strong setting is what makes me choose this story for the list. This first book in the series makes for the perfect fall read as it’s paranormal, with rich atmosphere, well developed characters and taking place in London 1878.

I know this is also very popular, but in case you hadn’t read it for some reason (I read it for the first time this year) or are thinking of doing a reread of the series, this is the perfect time to do so.

What are some of your fall recommendations? Have you read this books? Do you agree with these? Let me know!

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Fall Recommendations

  1. R A I N says:

    HARRY POTTER IS THE PERFECT READ FOR FALL I AGREE 100000%!!!! ALSO, I dont know why but I always have this craving to watch/read THE HOBBIT series! And Lord of the Rings too! .. ❤ 😍😍😍 And Soo true about Neil Gaiman!!!!! I haven't read The Ocean at the End of Lane yet but have read Good Omens and It IS A CLASSIC and you should DEFINITELY READ IT! you are gonna fall even more in love with him I am telling you! That book had me laughing nonstop THROUGHOUT!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I hope you enjoy all of these! Will wait for your reviews..!!!! 😘😘 LOVED THE POST!!

    Liked by 1 person

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