Top 5 Tuesday: Bookish Maps

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekely post created and hosted by the lovely Shannah at Bionic Book Worm.  She’s an abslute sweetheart and her blog is amazing so make sure to check out her blog if you haven’t yet!

This week’s topic is Top Five Bookish Maps!

5. The Cruel Prince

map 2

I love the map from The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I love the names of the different towns and parts of this world and the illustrations are great too. From the mermaid at the bottom left corner, to the little fairy guys figting and the one riding the giant frog.

4. Roar

roar 4

First of all. I have not read Roar by Cora Carmak. I own it and I really want to read it, but I haven’t yet. You’re going to notice this is something that’s going to happen a lot during this post so bear with me. However, I love this map. The one on my book is not colored but I love the different weather elements thrown in it, it’s something I had never seen before in a map and I know it goes with the story but it just makes it more interesting to me.

3. The Final Empire


The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. Another series I have yet to read but own the three books from the first trillogy. Why am I like this? Anyway, I really like this map because out of all the ones I have, I think it’s the one that looks the most realistic. It almost feels like something from a pirate’s treassure which I know is way off from the actual premise of the books but idk. There is something real about this map.

2. Nevernight

map 2

Guess what? I have not read Nevernight by Jay Kristoff either. I am just such a great avid reader I know. In my defence I’ll say that I recently got this book so I haven’t had time to read it just yet. This map looks awesome to me. We’ve got oceans with lots of monsters, palaces and villages, it even has a lighthouse. I love it! I love the detail of the houses and the ships as well. It’s just a great map!

1. The Marauders map

map 1

I couldn’t not include this as my number one pick. This is the most epic map in the history of maps. Find a map cooler than this, I dare you. It’s untopable (is that a word) and nothing compares to it. I actually got one in an expo I went to a couple of years ago. It’s hand made and my most precious possession alongside my Draco’s handmade wand!

Did you like my picks? Do you agree with me or do you have other maps that are even cooler than this ones? Let me know!

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