One Lovely Blog Award

The unthinkable happened. 

I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award.

giphy (3)

I honestly have no words. I feel like I’m about to get on a stage and accept my Oscar. I never would have consider my blog as lovely. 

First of all, I just started this two months ago and I feel very inexperienced and lost I am currently trying to guess how do I let other bloggers know I’ve nominated them, so I clearly have a loooong way to go, to consider this space as something more than me trying to give shape to my feelings has me in awe. 

Angels do exist, and one them is the beautiful Emma from Thougths of a Brown Eyed Girl who nominated me. Thank you so much! Emma has the cutest blog ever, you should all definetely check it out. I’m obssessed with it myself. She’s also incredibly nice and kind. Her blog is full of bookish things but she also shares a little bit of her life with us through her feelings and thoughts and she’s honestly the sweetest so go show her some love! 



  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog and/or One Lovely Blog Award post.
  • Display the award logo in your post and/or on your blog.
  • Share 7 facts or things about yourself.
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers that you admire and inform them of their nomination.

7 Facts About Me

  1. I play the ukelele. I got an ukelele last Crhistmas and I love it so much. I am in no way an expert, I only know how to play a few songs and I don’t think it’s currently in tune but I’m learning by myself. It’s a slow process but it makes me so happy.
  2. I once brought a frying pan with me to a summer camp becuase my friends dared me to use it to kill all the spiders in our tent. I got caught with the frying pan mid-air while I was about to murder a huge spider at 4 a.m. Not my brightest moment. I sincerely apologize for all the spiders I killed. I know I was only 10 but my age does not justify the amount of instects that passed away that year and I’ll let you know that I have since then outgrown my assassin instincts. I no longer kill any spiders, I calmly take them into my hands and  out of my tent.  
  3. I hate tomatoes. With a passion. I don’t mind it with pasta or in pizza, I quite like it actually. But natural tomatoes… OMG I hate them. I think it’s their texture that grosses me out so much, or maybe the sour taste, or the seeds inside I AM HONESTLY GETTING SICK TO MY STOMACH RIGHT NOW. 
  4. I can’t choose a favorite color. This is going to sound so stupid. Whenever someone asks me what’s my favrotie color I get stressed out. Why? Because I feel like I am rejecting the rest of the colors by choosing just one. For a while I gave different answers whenever I was asked this until one day my friends started arguing because they wanted to make me a birthday present with my favorite color. Since I had given a different answer to each of them they were so sure that the color I had told them individually was THE color I loved the most. So now I just refuse to answer that question. I love all of the colors. Please don’t ever ask me what my favorite color is
  5. It takes me one hour and a half to get to class every single day. This is a very boring fact but I was running out of ideas. I actually don’t mind how long it takes me to go to school, I get 80% of my reading done here. It relaxes me when I had an stressful day and wakes me when I’m tired in the mornings. 
  6. I am afraid of balloons. No, it’s not because of It by Stephen King although that most definitely doesn’t help. I had a couple of bad experiences regarding a certain Tweety Bird balloon when I was growing up and now I can’t have one in my hands, it terrifies me. It’s not even the fear of flying away with it, I don’t know what it is that scares me so much about them but I hate them. I’m only refering to helium ballons that actually float, if they’re made of air I don’t mind them. 
  7. I love dress overalls. Let me rephrase this. I am obssessed with them. I wear them at least once a week. I don’t care if it’s 40ºC out or -20ºC, I will wear them. They are my favorite thing in my wardrobe and I do get mocked up about it by my friends (not in a bullying kind of way but in a friendly way) because they make me look like a child and I am already short enough as it is, but I honestly don’t care. I will wear them to my last day. 

happy Leyre

I didn’t find a dress overall so this will have to do. That’s basically me whenever I wear them.








You are in no way obligated to do this, I just wanted to show how much I enjoy your blogs, feel free to do it if you want to participate but if you don’t that’s totally fine as well.

That’s it for today! Thank you again Emma for thinking of me.


15 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    Aaawh, thank you for nominating me! ❤
    [Do mind that you should link back to someone's post so they get notified that you nominated them. I seriously stumbled on this by accident?! One of the things I didn't figure out until months into blogging.. Haha.]

    So, what IS your favorite color?!
    Maybe you should start answering with "rainbow" or something..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marie says:

    Congratulations on the award! It’s funny, we are exact opposites when it comes to tomatoes, hate them when they are warm and as a sauce or something, love them when…. they’re just, natural, haha 🙂
    thank you so much for the nomination! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jackie @ Too Much of a Booknerd says:

    Congratulations on being nominated for this award! I still remember when I first started out and people actually nominated me for awards even though I felt so small and unknown?? It’s such a great feeling ❤

    And thank you for tagging me, that’s so sweet of you! I can TOTALLY relate to your favourite colour problem omg I literally can’t choose! Sorry not sorry, I guess I’ll never have a real favourite colour XD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ioana @dragonwaffles says:

    Congratulations!! I too think your blog is lovely so it’s fitting.
    And aghhhh I wish I knew how to play ukulele because it’s sounds so soothing to me. Pffttt I think your frying-pan-Rapunzel-moment is GREAT. They make optimal weapons. I too am the group’s chosen insect murderer so I relate 😂. But I’m not as dramatic and just use a boring shoe.
    THANK YOUUU FOR TAGGING MEE ❤️!!! and sorry for the late-ish reply I feels so bad yeek. I really really appreciate it though I hope I didn’t give you a wrong impression.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Readyouleyre says:

      Thank you! Frying-pan-Rapunzel-moment. I’m tottally stealing that line from now on.

      Don’t worry at all! We are al busy people here, there are many, many blogs and you’re honestly the nicest person, I couldn’t think bad of you! I didn’t post any blogs hoping they would answer, I genualy think your blogs are amazing, so please don’t pressure yorself :))


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